Our firm has delivered advice to corporate and individual clients in the United States and throughout the world.

Business & Corporate

Whether you are a new investor or a larger corporation, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver value.

Construction Practice

Our legal team provides clients with efficient, top-quality representation
in all aspects of
construction law.

Commercial Litigation

Onal Gallant Bayram & Amin PC commercial litigation is locally unrivaled in terms of breadth, scope, size, and number of high-profile cases that handle sensitive matters.

Family Law

Family law is a branch of
law that deals with
legal matters that have to do
with families.

Non-Profit Law

In addition to the common demands
that challenge all businesses,
nonprofit organizations
face distinct legal issues.

Real Estate

We provide commercial and residential real estate services
for individuals
and businesses.

Business Immigration

Our firm offers comprehensive
solutions to all of your immigration

Family Immigration And Removal

Our firm offers comprehensive
solutions to all of your immigration

Trademark & Copyright

Nowadays, a company’s most valuable assets are often its intellectual properties.

Wills & Estate Planning

Estate planning services are designed to provide you with comprehensive assistance on legal
and financial issues.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries can occur in many instances. Victims of personal injury are often entitled to compensation from the party at fault.

Pro Hac Vice And Local Counsel

Practicing in an out of state jurisdiction or in an unfamiliar subject matter can be very complex, time consuming.